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Positive Thoughts become Positive Things.

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As a qualified and registered Hypnotherapist living and practicing in Kings Langley Hertfordshire, I use hypnosis to help my clients to affect long term positive change. Having worked for more than two decades with adults, young people, and children in crisis, I now combine this extensive experience with Hypnotherapy to help enable my clients to transform their lives. As a therapist I frequently use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy in my practice , this highly effective therapeutic approach supports my clients to make lasting change without the need to dwell on past events.

Whether it is to reduce anxiety, improve aspects of your physical health or stop a habit ,SKF Hypnotherapy can support you in achieving your goals.

For examples of my specialisms visit my services page for further information.

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£60 per 55 minute session

Managing anxiety.

On occasions many of us will experience feelings of being overwhelmed, but when these experiences become frequent it can prevent us from living the life that we want. If you are one of the many people experiencing stress or anxiety you will find that SKF solution focused hypnotherapy will support, you to make those necessary changes to help you to regain the emotional control you deserve.

Most of us at some point will have experienced some anxiety and  social anxiety is the most common . Often  we fear being judged, rejected, or embarrassed in front of others and as a result we avoid those  situations that make us uncomfortable. Over time this avoidance can severely restrict our own  lives and the lives of our loved ones.

  •  Attending and taking part in social activities

  • Speaking on the telephone

  • Job interviews.

  • Public speaking.

  • Eating in front of others.

  • Have a fear of being criticised,


 Social anxiety is often emotionally overwhelming and is often accompanied by feelings of exhaustion and physical symptoms of  nausea, feeling hot, sweating and heart palpitations.

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£520 for  a course of 7 sessions

Virtual gastric band hypnosis

This powerful therapy is designed to enable weight loss in people with a high body mass index(BMI) . The SKF hypnotherapy virtual gastric band hypnosis is for those people who fall into the obese category who wish to lose weight to improve their health, fitness and build confidence.

What you will gain.

  • No more dieting or calorie counting

  • Feeling full when you have consumed enough calories to maintain healthy body.

  • Increased energy and self-confidence.

  • Steady healthy weight loss

Researchers have reported that a surgically fitted gastric band has a success rate of 70%, however a virtual gastric band with its holistic approach achieves a remarkable 80% success rate.

Gastric band surgery is not without its risks and complications can occur during or after surgery. These might include

  • Infections

  • blood clots

  • internal bleeding.

All these potential risks are avoided when choosing the virtual gastric band hypnotherapy treatment.

As your hypnotherapist, I use a holistic approach to assess the core problems that caused your overeating in the first instance, working together you will achieve consistence and sustainable weight loss.

The SKF hypnotherapy virtual gastric band treatment will support you to make those life changing steps to a fitter, healthier and happier you.

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£60 per 55 minute session


A phobia is an overwhelming fear of an object, place, situation, feeling or animal, which results in sufferers experiencing high levels of distress and anxiety.  Many will struggle manage their lives around their phobia, and it may restrict how they live day to day[SF1] .

There is no definitive record that captures and identifies all phobias, as we understand that that virtually any object, place, situation, feeling or animal can become an object of fear.

Common phobias might include

  • Fear of confined spaces.

  • Fear of open spaces.

  • Fear of dentists

  • Fear of dogs

  • Fear of flying

  • Fear of heights

  • Fear of needles

  • Fear of pregnancy

  • Fear of sickness

  • Fear of spiders and other insects

  • Fear of water

When struggling with a phobia You may also experience physical symptoms of fear and anxiety, such as:

  • dizziness/light-headedness

  • sweating

  • fast heartbeat and/or palpitations

  • nausea

  • shaking

  • an upset stomach.


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£60 per 55 minute session

I have a specialist interest and experience  supporting children and adolescence anxiety and many of the   related concerns including:

  • Exam stress

  • Study Habits

  • School phobia

  • Peer relationships

  • Improving Social media habits.

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